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Find out how we can help and how to request assistance.

How do I request help?

Simply call or text our Isolation Hotline on 07923 353365 to request help. We can also receive messages on WhatsApp if more convenient for you.

 You can also join us on Facebook

What can you help with?

The following is an outline of services that volunteers from our hotline provide.

If what you need is not on this list, just call us and ask - we'll try to help or direct you towards alternative assistance sources if we cannot help.

We can provide:

  • Grocery shopping or collection
  • Prescription collection
  • Dog walking
  • Other miscellaneous collections and deliveries
  • Help with technology
  • Transports and lifts around Southampton (where possible)
  • Help understanding current government and NHS guidelines
  • A listening ear, someone to talk to

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide:

  • Health guidance - please refer to the latest guidance on the NHS website
  • Services that replace in-house social care
  • Financial assistance or help with benefits.

If you need further specialist assistance, our hotline team will direct you to the best contact point to speak to.

If you are unable to pay for your shopping due to unemployment, low income, benefit delays or other circumstances, our team will discuss options for emergency food provision at no cost.

This service is run entirely by volunteers, and while we have more than 1500 people helping, things may take some time! Please be patient; we aim to link you up as quickly as possible.

Which organisations do you work with?

We are generously being provided resources and support by the Solent NHS Trust. We are in regular contact with Southampton City Council, SoLinked and Southampton Voluntary Services, and we are proud to be referral agents for the Basics Bank hosted by Southampton City Mission to support food for those more in need.

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